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Proven Growth Leadership

I’ve built and led sales and marketing departments, increasing revenue by more than 40% over a 5-year period for multiple Small-Medium businesses. Implemented effective sales processes, CRM integrations, and inter-departmental workflows, resulting in measurably improved efficiency and growth. In one case, internal efficiency improvements in customer service processes resulted in a 35% year over year increase in customer satisfaction, as reported by customers.

Strategic Planning & Execution

I’ve developed and executed rolling 5-year strategic plans, including technology roadmaps and improved forecasting methodologies. Created customer strategies around supply chain issues and established updated reporting and sales data processes, leading to more efficient workflows and improved forecast visibility.

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Business Development & Partnerships

I’ve proceduralized business development through ongoing customer and market engagement, leading to formalized technology and strategic roadmapping events, de-risking of new projects, and mutual growth opportunities. Successfully created and executed partnership agreements, manufacturing capacity sharing, and mutual technology development, greatly increasing the long term value of relationships.

Market and Technology Understanding

I leverage a deep understanding of market trends and technology to developing product/technology strategies that address the unique needs of the business. The result has been significant new project wins and market expansion, and carefully negotiated technology and partnership agreements that fostered market penetration and mutual growth. In one case, I secured over $20M in new revenue while solidifying a new technology partnership. Then, negotiated commercial and technology agreements to formalize those partnerships.

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International Experience & General Business Management

I’ve successfully managed customers and internal employees across various cultural, geographic, and social contexts, and know that to be successful one needs to tailor their approach to the audience. Alongside international management expertise, I’ve developed acumen in financial management, operational management, performance management, union negotiations, diversity, equity, and inclusion, HR, corporate communications, and incentive plan development.

Diversified Industry Expertise

I have worked in aerospace, defense, space, automotive, academia/laboratory, medical devices, consumer goods, automation, mental health care, and IoT industries. I bring a familiarity of the interplay between product management, marketing, sales, business development, and operations, to ensure a harmonized approach to growth, regardless of end market.

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Making your growth visions reality

Bring Ideas to Life

Strategic planning only succeeds with meaningful execution. Incorporating research, analysis, and insights with tangible steps to delivering results.


The best time to grow is when you have a stable foundation. That foundation needs maintenance, and the more streamlined your customer facing organization is, the better.

Business Expansion

Looking to enter a new market, geography, or repurpose your existing IP? I have extensive experience leading those expansion efforts, and can work with you to create strategies tailored for your business

Why Choose Me?

Passion & Commitment​
Honesty & Openness​
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