I offer consulting services to businesses who are seeking help to grow their business. My experience is primarily working with manufacturing, design, and technology businesses who are growing and expanding, and helping to lead that growth or expansion. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs and small businesses and helping to support their goals and success.

How can I help you?​

Enter a New Market

Not sure how to start? Need to know whether the market is worth it, or how much revenue potential is out there? Or have you started to enter a new market, but it’s not going as you expected? I can help you make informed decisions about when, where, and how to move forward.

Customer Retention

Are you worried about the long-term plans of your customers? Do you need help making sure that you are keeping them happy, and rewarding you with their continued business? I can design strategies and actionable plans around retaining your key accounts.

Fractional Sales/BD/Managerial Support

Are you looking for backup support to manage certain aspects of your business, but can’t justify a full time person? Or maybe you need someone to ensure key activities are pushed forward, allowing you to focus on other issues. I can support on an hourly or part-time basis to bring experienced leadership to help fulfill your business’s growth goals.

Preparing Your Business for Sale

When buyers are looking to acquire, robust sales pipelines coupled with a track record of results help boost the value. How much more could you get for your business if you had a strong and demonstrated revenue outlook heading into the sale? I can build an outlook and momentum to get to your pre-sale goals.

Selling to a New Geography

Whether you are looking to establish sales channels in Canada or worldwide, I can build and support your strategy and introduction into the market. With extensive international experience and connections, backed by research and market analysis, I can help make your introduction a success.

Process, Process, Process

Do you struggle to get quotes out on time, or respond to customers on a timely basis? Are you nervous every time audits come around because of the state of your sales processes? I can help you build efficiency and safety into your processes, suited to the unique ins and outs of your business.

Build and Structure Your Sales Organization

Need help implementing a CRM, or not sure if you need one or not? What about improving workflows in your existing CRM or sales processes? Maybe you need to investigate whether you should hire a salesperson or a rep agency. I can help match your needs to solutions that are tailored to your business and cost constraints.

What Else?

These are just samples of how I can help. Reach out to have a free consultation to understand what I can do to help your business.